Pay It Forward

This morning, I had already dreaded waking up before 7 for the fourth day in a row. The past four days have literally been opening shift, school from 9am to 6pm, homework, Breaking Bad, sleep late, and repeat. Call it petty, but this girl needs to her beauty sleep (oh God, this is college isn’t it; the constant struggle between sleep deprivation and productivity.)

With this being said, and add two midterms, there was no jumping out of bed to work at 5:30 this morning.So, in the midst of dragging my feet at work during the typical early morning rush, a woman came in and bought a $20 gift card in honor of Starbucks’ “Pay it Forward.” For a few days, Starbucks is offering a free cup of coffee in return for buying the next person’s drink. Dumbfounded, because I hadn’t heard about this prior, I said a quick thank you as she put her wallet back in her purse and said in the sweetest voice “it’s the little things that could just make a person’s day, you know?”

Little did she know that not only did she make those 4 or 5 customers’ day, but she made my morning. This wasn’t for her own satisfaction, and she left before anyone used it. Her act of kindness caused awareness, and was able to bring together random strangers in line all looking for a little pick me up in the morning. I mean, who wouldn’t be surprised if the person in front of you came out and said, “this ones on me.” And what kind of person wouldn’t feel better after doing the same to the person behind them. What was once a monotonous morning routine turned into a little attitude adjustment and a pace setter for the rest of the day.

According to Howard Schultz, this is “not as an act of charity or thanks, but an acknowledgement of commonality and humanity.” Although, I won’t get into the politics of it all, I do appreciate what these mornings Starbucks have shown me, and taught me. I hope that your mornings won’t be as self-centered as mine and that we do realize that in even the little things, we are all in this together.


One thought on “Pay It Forward

  1. I’ve been told it’s really common in colder cities (like NYC) for people to do this regularly at coffee shops. They buy their own cup, then pay for another “suspended” cup (or sometimes multiple cups). Then homeless people come in and ask if there are any suspended coffees available, and they get their cup for free. It’s really sweet, and probably helps keep them warm through the rough winters up there.

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