For Here

Have you ever taken the “for here” or “in a mug” option at your Starbucks? If you haven’t, you should. Not only do you get a 10 cent discount (sweet), but you also look way cooler when you have a mug in your hand(double sweet).

A mug means welcome. Linger with us for a little while and finish your tasks with a little caffeine encouragement. Or relive the days back in school when you always kicked back at your coffee shop with great company and never cared to know what the time was.

Recently, I had the chance to sit down on my break and talk to one of our regulars. He was an elementary music teacher at a nearby school, and always came in on a wednesday night asking for a white mocha in a mug. On this particular Wednesday, he was in the midst of creating an after-school “rock-band club,” in which more students than he expected had signed up. Picture 36 elementary kids all in a room trying to play what’s supposed to be “Eye of the Tiger.” He ordered, sat right down, and began all the planning. When his drink was ready, he looked more focused and ready to start his Wednesday nigh Starbucks session.

He said to me “I feel most productive here. I always set a goal and by the time I finish my drink, I always have those things done.” He, and the small population of “for here” mug orderers are the special ones. Today, I have become a part of the club. But, just like my mocha, my speech is also close to its end.

So next time, try to forgo the “to go” option, and plan to stay for a little bit.




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