Just a spoonful of sugar….

So lately, because of the changing weather, as well as a mixture of lack of sleep and water, working and school, and the added stress of group projects, I have progressively gotten sicker.

It got so bad, I decided to go to the doctor for the first time in YEARS. At first what I thought was the regular flu turned out to be “peritonsillar abcess.” My doctor said it could have been derived from strep or something and other, but either way I felt like crap. Along with the worst sore throat in my life, I had a fever and could not swallow anything, including my spit (gross).

So for days, I couldn’t eat much. Not to say that I still had my appetite, OH, was I hungry. I just couldn’t bear the pain of swallowing food or moving my tongue around. But thank God that all is good and the antibiotics have done wonders. But for the miserable part of my week, I lived off of hot teas and liquids.

One thing that my boss drinks is refresh tea (the minty tazo tea) with a little bit of steamed lemonade and honey. I honestly had a hard time putting it down (although, some customers actually love it), but hot tea always feels good when you’re not feeling well. In my opinion, the lemonade has way too much sugar to actually help with a sore throat, but my boss swears by this drink. In his defense, tea is a better alternative to gulping down the gallons of coffee we brew.

Water, no ice. Water is definitely nature’s miracle. You always want to stay hydrated when you’re feeling under the weather, even if you don’t want to. Not to mommy you or anything, but room temp water is always a good idea. I suffered dehydration because I had trouble swallowing, but I always tried to get at least 3 venti waters (26 oz) in my system.

Lastly, I recommend the orange Evolution drink. Not for any special reason other than the fact that it is SO YUMMY. They say it is fresh cold squeezed, made from 5 oranges, and it tastes like it too. It’s so refreshing to see a bottle with 100% juice and an ingredient list you can actually understand. Also, why not boost your immune system with some vitamin C and invigorate your day with the whopping 52 grams of sugar?!


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