Coffee Table Narrative

Coffee Table Narrative


13 thoughts on “Coffee Table Narrative

  1. There’s a sort of loosey-goosey time flow here that’s a bit relaxing. I can totally relate to the chill atmosphere of these photos, especially with the book and the drinks. I like the angle you used for your photos too.

  2. At first I thought the photo set was just going for a simple time-lapse type narrative of a lazy afternoon, but your description of the photos and how the narrative ties together is beautiful. You really captured beauty in the simplicity of the objects. The simple table holds up the book, the drink, the feet, the event, and the thoughts and dreams as a result. As the feet go up and the drink goes down, you really get a sense of the reader sinking into their book, lost in it as the sun drifts along and the drink and bag shift around a little. Then, as quickly as they came, they’re gone, leaving only the table and the remnants of their stay. It’s all tied together with subtle angle changes and excellent lighting.

    It’s gorgeous. You did an excellent job.

  3. I like that the table wasn’t a regular coffee table I love that you used a wood table. Having used the wood table you can definitely pick up on a lot of the details on it. The contrast in each photo were very powerful it sort of brings an ease to each one.

  4. I love the shot with the feet up on the table. The table is such a reliable piece of furniture. I get the feeling that the person sitting there was out for a couple hours, sipping on her drink and working on whatever the book is. The drink and the items in the background (a grill, maybe?) make me feel like I’m enjoying a lazy summer day.

  5. I like your story line. it reminds me of all those times i go to a Starbucks to read or study. It gives you that feeling of peace but at the same time that your are in a public space, sharing with other. My favorite photo is the first one, with nothing on the table. it have such great texture, on the table, and I really like that the background is blurry. Good Job!

  6. I like how well the final paragraph brings the pictures together. There is a nice clear linearity to the series of photos, one leading right to the next. The overall idea of how the table finds meaning from first shot to last is very neat.

  7. I like you tell a clear story of what looks like to me a study session with your drink being the indicator on the elapse of time. when the book is present I feel like it balances the darkness of the shots a bit more but still enjoy the story you tell.

  8. Beautiful photos. I love that the main subject is in focus and the background is blurred out. The time elapse idea and how it is portrayed through each photo is great:) The angles that the pictures are taken almost made me feel like I’M the one drinking and reading the book 🙂

  9. I find it very abstract the way you positioned the book, drink, and purse on the table. You blurred out the background to make the interactions between the objects more clear. I find it most interesting that with each frame the objects are not only positioned differently, but also becoming more and more…Used. A sense of movement comes into play, and I like it!

  10. All these images had great contrast and I loved the subtle changes of each photo. I think it was great to also see the drink having more and more missing in each image. But, I think these photos would be better if they all had a bit shallower depth of field, everything in the background it distracting (the grill, table with stuff on it, and the bench, or whatever all that stuff was).

  11. Nice story. The work as a whole reminds of random discarded trash you will find outside of a cafe or a restaurant with outdoor seating, you always know someone was there in the not-so-distant past and that they forgot to throw away their garbage. The wood of the table came out really nice in all of the photos, and overall there was a very textured, grainy feeling to the photos, which may or may not have been your intention at first but it is consistent. Nice work!

  12. You can really feel the progression of time here, where it seems to take course over what could be assumed as lunch. A lot of artistic detail went into changing what was both put in and left out of these photographs, making the viewer focus on specific details that you specifically wanted them to see. From the depth of field and focus of the camera, you can really make out the details and texture of the table, as well as the contrast from the book to the drink.
    In particular I really like the first one, and how the depth of field puts so much focus on the empty table, and how everything in the background is meant to pale in comparison.

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