A reincarnation of the barista beginnings

It’s been forever since I wrote on this blog. With work and school, I was a little worn out. The holiday rush had died down and now the last minute final exam week studiers have come rushing in. Fortunately for me, my final exams are coming to a very quiet close. Which means more time to write. More time to do stuff. More time to hang out. And more time to sit and look at myself and think of what I COULD be doing.

I think it’s easy for a college student to look at themselves and wonder what the hell am I doing to make sure I live a comfortable and meaningful life. It’s easy to get caught up in the future and blame things on the past. It’s easy because I am privileged and I’ve never known adversity like plenty of other people have. I’ve never worried about what I was going to have at the dinner table or making next month’s rent. It doesn’t make me any less worth anything, but it makes it that much harder to accept failure as a very viable option in the future when it comes to my complacency on my future.

I’m caught between my suburban safety net and my sense of wanderlust. Caught between comfortable and the unknown. Caught between “I just want to hang out and be happy” and “I have to start looking for jobs and be serious.” I cannot be the only one thinking this. In fact, I know. This generation has grown with a lot of skepticism and doubt on the outlook of our future.

Shots. I need a shot.

of espresso.



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