Summers and stress.

This blog has been some sort of a venting medium for me in the past, and this is nothing short of that.
Currently, sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops down the street from my house, chugging some cold brew and working on the numerous projects I held off after vacation (oops). Not to mention it is a crippling 100 degrees + in Dallas. This is where the levelheadedness I have learned from working in the food industry has kicked in. That, and the constant reminder that God is always by my side.
There has never been a time that I have been so busy in the summer. Coffee isn’t a good idea when you’re stressed, so I’ve read on the internet, so I’m putting a 3 cup cap…. reasonable? Oh sweet brown liquid courage, take me through this uncharted territory and help me take on these projects I never thought I had enough ability or talent to take on.

I’m a barista, I live for the rush, right?

Cheers, buddy.


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